June 29, 2011

To the moon and back

So I've a couple things I need to say.

1. Green Day, you've completely changed me for the better. I now have a different outlook on life, so for that I thank you.

2. I hate least one thing about everyone that I know; I hate that about myself. I need to change that. Forget the bad, focus on the good! Something to work on this summer.

3. There are a few things that I wish were different that I SWEAR would make my life easier. First, I wish it was acceptable for women to not have to wear shirts&bras. (Guys I know you agree too.) In the sweltering heat, I DO NOT wanna be wearing a shirt! Im so jealous of the guys walking 'round town with their t-shirts off and tucked into their back pocket! Then your bra gets sweaty and everything is a hot mess. Second, I wish there were no homophobia. I'm not gay but I'm a huge supporter of gays :) 1 girl 5 gays, holla! And third, why the HELL does it matter how people look. I've got small boobs, so what! But APPARENTLY it's a big deal.

But hey, I just gotta roll with it. I know they say 'YOU CAN TAKE THE FIRST STEP' but Ill get arrested if I let it all hang out!


Ps. That felt good to get it out to the world but it's also 1am so sorry for rambling xD

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Anonymous said...

Here in Eugene, Oregon women can go topless legally. Most of us don't, though. I'd sunburn in a heartbeat. We don't get massive humidity here, thankfully.

Having small boobs isn't a big deal unless you let it be. In fact, some guys prefer them.

Remember, caring too much about what other people think about you is a recipe for lifelong misery.


Someone who's been there.