July 27, 2012

I should shut up and get on with my life and stop doing stupid things for attention

What in the HELL is wrong with me? I was tolerable on the fatigue and the crying, but anorexia? Really? I am such an attention whore, if you'll excuse the language. I'm "fighting" this but I think it's just a facade so I can feel sorry for myself, just another reason for me to cry. I hope I am just a "wannarexic" but I'm also scared it will turn real. But I NEED somebody to care for me and hopefully once I find him I will give up all of these crappy fake problems I put myself and others through. My family doesn't need this. It's terrible for my body, but for some reason I want it. Like I said, I am an attention whore and this needs to stop. Just shut up and EAT.


Anonymous said...

Why "once I find him"? You don't need a guy to make you feel better, that would be just a patch in my opinion. Start by loving yourself, nothing else, no?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comment completely. Love yourself first, or you will just project your problems and insecurities onto the person you are with.