September 6, 2012

Lonely Traveler

I am always listening to music. I bring my ipod with me where ever I go or I will have my laptop playing while I get dressed or brushing my teeth.. Whatever the case may be.. I'm always happy listening to music but as soon as the song ends I feel extremely lonely, its a weird feeling because as soon as the next song starts I'm happy again. This feeling really hurts my heart.


Anonymous said...

You sound socially detached. Music can only be there for so long.

Sisney said...

I share your feeling. I get really anxious and irritable, too, when a song is interrupted if I was trying to listen closely. Maybe try playing an instrument, and listening to a little bit less and less music each day? Music is a wonderful thing, but remember Aristotle--"everything in moderation." Good luck! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

listening to music helps my anxiety, i understand how you feel.